Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Post!

Hello! I'm Anna and I've wanted to start my own little cooking blog for months, so here we are. Picking a blog name sure was hard, it seems like all the great ones have been taken already! For a while I sat around trying to think of a clever name, but my desire to have a blog with an awesome name was preventing me from actually starting a blog so I just ran with Cheese with Noodles. They're two of my favorite foods (especially when made into macaroni and cheese- yum) so why not?

My plan for this blog is pretty straightforward: share recipes, post a few pictures of what I make, maybe write a little bit about my life. Mostly I hope to share my favorite recipes but I'll also probably post recipes I'm trying for the first time. Just a warning: I am not a fancy cook. Most people like what I cook, but the things that I do best are not dishes you'd find at a snazzy dinner party. If you came for dinner at my house you'd probably be fed homemade pizza, caesar salad, and raspberry brownies for dessert. The recipes in my blog will definitely reflect this! Also, I'm no photographer so my pictures unfortunately are not going to look like they came out of a food magazine but I'm more concerned with taste than looks anyway :o)

I really hope you enjoy looking at all the recipes to come and will find something you'd like to cook yourself. Cooking is such a happy past time for me and it is my hope that the recipes I post will bring happiness to you, too. Please leave me a comment if you like my blog or have something to share!

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