About Me

Hi there!  You can call me Anna.  I live in Interior Alaska with my husband, bunnies, cats, goofy Siberian Husky mix, and adorable Great Pyrenees.  When I'm not in the kitchen or looking up new recipes, I enjoy spending time with my family and pets, reading, painting my nails in all kinds of colors, doing crafty things such as crocheting, sewing, and painting things, and spending time outside (especially gardening) if it's not the middle of winter.  Unfortunately, it's usually the middle of winter!

I'm very happy that you stumbled upon my blog.  I started it in the fall of 2011 so I could have a place to record my favorite recipes and hopefully help others find tasty things to cook in the process.  Apologies in advance for the severely un-fancy looks of my little recipe blog, technological things are not my forte.  As you will very quickly see, photographing food nicely is also not my forte, so I don't take pictures of everything because my goal is for you to actually want to make my recipes.  Looks aside, I believe that the quality of my recipes is high.  I'm very particular about which recipes get posted to my blog.  Only recipes that we really, really enjoy and that I carefully measured get posted here, and I try to be very clear with directions.  Some are old family recipes, some are ones I found in blogs, on other website, or in books (I'm always sure to attribute them properly!), and some are recipes I've thought up on my own.  I enjoy cooking a huge variety of foods, so you'll probably find something you like!

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